Frequently Asked Questions of Med'ness

1) Is it possible to have bus from Antalya Airport to the Med'Ness Hotel?
Answer: There is public bus you can use , Med'Ness OC doesn't offer any transportation.

2) How can I reserve my ticket and where should I pay ?
Answer: You must contact with your ESN section .If you are an international guest or you don't have any ESN section please send e-mail to

3) Are my Friends from my country able to come to Med'ness , even they are not Erasmus students or ESNers ?
Answer : Yes they are able to join. Just you should let your ESN section know about it

4) After register the Med'Ness from web site, what should i do to next?
Answer: If your university has an ESN Section, you should find representative and give him/her to event fee, and get your Med'Ness ticket. If your university hasn't an ESN Section, e-mail to We will send you details and IBAN number for payment.

5) Where can I register ?
Answer :

6) Should I get any information mail after my registration ?
Answer: After your registration you are getting a notification which says that you've been registered successfully. The system doesn't send an e-mail after this message.

7) If we are at the places which there is no transportation, can we go with one of ESN sections which are near to our city ?
Answer : Yes you can use that way but you need to decide and inform this ESN section before.

8) Can I also invite my Turkish friends to Med'Ness ?
Answer : Med'ness is only for international students and ESNers.

9) In case of using transportation from one city,can I return to another city ?
Answer : No.

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